All of these music resources exist for one important reason: Because the aged care industry requested them.

With these very special collections in your facility you’ll have the freedom to schedule exceptional music activities anywhere, anytime, as often as you like.

BLUE & RED BOOK CD COLLECTION: Do you have the Red and Blue Large Print Song Books in your aged care facility but neither a piano nor a pianist to provide the musical accomaniment?  This collection solves that problem.

GREEN BOOK COLLECTION: This collection has grown to the point where it now includes recorded music, lyrics, and a suite of sheet music options of 200 much-loved songs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, featuring music by The Beatles, Elvis, Billy Joel, and Neil Diamond, and many more. The songbooks are the perfect resource for singing groups and seniors choirs across the community.

New release! ... the third and final component to this popular Green Book series, the


MUSICAL ARMCHAIR TRAVELS: Facilitated with music, this activity is a dementia based program which attempts to trigger memories that can take people on imaginative journeys and so, during your armchair travels sessions, music becomes a powerful tool to tease out memorable experiences from the participants in your group.

It is a unique package that combines training, a comprehensive music library, and practical-session guidelines to assist aged care staff to run more engaging and therapeutic music-based activities for their clients. Importantly, to benefit from this training, ability, knowledge or aptitude for music is not a pre-requisite.

MEET THE TEAM that put it together for you. Leonie Bell's feedback following MUSICAL ARMCHAIR TRAVELS proto-type testing. Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO,former Governor of NSW, kindly endorsed this program by writing the FOREWORD.



matched to the 29 CDs in the Blue, Red and Green Book CD Collections

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