Email from Kym, a care manager in Central Western NSW, Australia.


Hi Graeme,

A few months ago, after referring your website to a couple of people, I won a free CD and chose Easy Listening Piano Vol 1.

I am a Care Manager of an aged care facility in ... in Central Western NSW and my residents love this CD so I have decided to buy the whole set plus the whole set of Aged Care Musical Resources too. My question is ... if I order 2 sets of both can I get them a bit cheaper than $188 and $40 for the Aged Care Resources?? I look forward to your reply.


Kym ...  

 Email from Kym, Care Manager from Central Western NSW, Australia

GP pic We are always willing to negotiate on price for multiple sets of John Sidney's piano music CDs and the full set of three Aged Care Musical Resources.

Several aged care organisations have ordered multiple sets for all their facilities.

We are always pleased to assist you with your aged care music resource needs where we can.

Graeme Pope.