Email from Graeme in Coburg, Victoria, Australia
.... they love the music they say it relaxes them takes them back to the old days .... (Graeme … Recreation Officer, Aged Care Housing Service Aged Care and Support Services, North West.) Click here to read more

Email from Deidre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
... I also play the John Sidney CD during an exercise class on Fridays, and some of the residents sing-a-long while exercising. A sight impaired lady, on hearing the music, began to dance when she was led into the seated exercise class last Friday, which inspired me to adapt some of the exercise moves to dance steps, and we had a great time with a lot of laughter, which is always good! ... Click here to read more

A note from Margaret in Mundubbera, Queensland, Australia
... These CDs were lovely all the residents just love them. Starting on the dance CD next week ... Click here to read more

Letter from Helen, an aged care carer in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
... Many Thank for absolutely beautiful music of John Sidney. We have a lot of music here but this music is so special the melody - fantastic - wish I had this 25 years ago ... Click here to read more

Email from Kym, a care manager in Central Western NSW, Australia.
... A few months ago, after referring your website to a couple of people, I won a free CD and chose Easy Listening Piano Vol 1. I am a Care Manager of an aged care facility in .... and my residents love this CD so I have decided to buy the whole set plus the whole set of Aged Care Musical Resources too ... Click here to read more

Email from Sharon in Lewes, Delaware, USA
... I liked Robyn Warren's message about how alert the people became at mealtime when the CD is on .... So many people are so appreciative that you had the vision to record John playing his music so it could be preserved forever ... Click here to read more

Email received from 'The Tapsations' in Lewes, Delaware, USA
... Sing A Long With John Sidney . We have used this CD prior to our shows for over 7 years and the response is always heartwarming. When that CD starts, many of the residents in the audience will actually stand up and begin to dance as well as sing the songs that they all can relate to so well. And that happy mood always carries over throughout our performances. ... Click here to read more

Letter received from Beryl in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
... having worked many years with the elderly, I am sure the seniors would really appreciate hearing all the old tunes being played so expertly, and sing-a-long as I do. ... Click here to read more