Email received from Martyn in the UK
Subject: RED BOOK AND BLUE BOOK: YOU COULD NOT BETTER THEM ... They are superb and of such high quality ... The packaging gives off a real "well built" yet sleek feel and somehow the handling of the cases is a joy in itself. The design is sophisticated and yet there is not one shred of gimmickry ... As for the books themselves, I really like the ring binder spline, the way the CD's slide into the page and the feel of the coated pages. The clarity of the titles and the spacing is absolutely perfect ... Honestly Graeme, you have produced a marvel with these two books and I salute you. Click here to read more

Letter received from June in Telarah, NSW, Australia
... Thank you for those lovely CDs you sent to me of John Sidney. They are just the best. I spend a lot of time listening to them they bring back a lot of memories of when I was young. ... Click here to read more

Email from The Tapsations, Delaware, USA
... The packaging is beautiful. I saw them on the internet but had no idea of the quality. They arrived in the USA in perfect A+ condition. We are in awe of Barry's talent. The songs are all extremely well done. We love how he mixes up the styles and instruments, and, wow, that powerful organ music for the church songs and even the sounds of voices on the songs. A truly amazing collection! ... Click here to read more

Letter received from Lorraine in Ararat, Victoria Australia
RE: Purchase of Red and Blue Book CD Collections. I would like to thank you for bringing the music CDs to our attention. They are wonderful and the residents love them. We will have many hours of enjoyment and singing pleasure in the future ... Click here to read more

Email from Ann in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
... I work with a group of elderly dementia suffers and we lost our piano player last year. The CDS are amazing!!!!! Songs from the books we had never sang as no one was familiar with the words were sung tonight like old favorites! !! Absolutely the best item we have brought. ... Click here to read more

Letter received from Peter at Raymond Terrace, NSW
... The books and CD's have arrived and all are in good condition. Many thanks for the excellent service, having now seen what you have produced the wait was well worth it. I must congratulate you on their beautiful presentation, they are certainly going to be of great assistance on those occasions when, for whatever reason, our pianist is unable to play for us. ... Click here to read more

Emails from Melissa in Canowindra, NSW
... We received our wonderful CDS last week and just wanted to commend you and your team on such a wonderful and professional job.They are worth every cent. I have wished for something like this since I commenced this job 11 years ago. The residents love the music and the first time ... Click here to read more

Email from De in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
I I just want to tell you how much I enjoy my John Sidney CDS. Thank goodness I heard them on the radio ... I'm getting so much pleasure from the music. Click here to read more

Letter from Pearl in Byron Bay, NSW
... I wish I could write poetry - because your 'angel' given task of collection + sorting + producing a well presentable box of treasures in musical 'drapes' has given me hours of memories - tears and love already - now I want to share them with so many others. ... Click here to read more

Letter from Pauline in Appin, NSW
... Am 84 years old and know so many of the songs, they certainly bring back lots of memories of my dancing days. ... Click here to read more