The Blue and Red Book CDs are a perfect resource ... Port Lincoln Library, SA
The Port Lincoln Library is thrilled to have the Blue and Red Book CDs as part of our Library collection ... our customers are enjoying ... the joy of listening to top quality music, reminiscing with nostalgic favourites and toe tapping, singalong pleasure! ... are particularly helpful for use through our recently launched Healthy Brain Hub that targets those who have dementia, brain injury, the aged, their families and carers ... The CD collections have also been utilised through our Home Delivery service, for those unable to easily visit the library in person and now can have the benefit of listening to some of their favourite songs all within an easy to use spiral bound collection. The therapeutic value of music is widely recognised and the Blue and Red Book CDs are a perfect resource. Click here to read more

Eva from NSW response to John Sidney's music
Thank you very much Graeme and Sandra, it was a lovely surprise. We are enjoying John's music very much ... Click here to read more

Feedback from Parramatta Library Outreach (Home Library) services
... as a public library services local community, we have purchased 5 sets of red and Blue Book CD Collection ... both collections are well used in our Outreach (Home Library) services, both titles were borrowed out more than 20 times including individuals and organisations. We had very positive feedback from our borrowers, many of them have asked to renew or re-borrow. Consider our lending period is 3 - 6 weeks, they're hardly sitting on the shelf ... Click here to read more

Brooke - Lifestyle Coordinator, Rutherford NSW
... The CD's have been a hit already ... Click here to read more

Queensland Diversional Therapist discovers John Sidney's pianomusic
... I discovered John's music early in the piece and the oldies just LOVED the ol' time feel of his music ... Click here to read more

Just what you need when the piano player can't come in and play for your sing-a-long
... we often find ourselves short when the piano player can't come in and now we are still able to hold sing along for our residents. Even the least musical of our staff are capable of providing residents with familiar songs to sing along with ... Click here to read more

Fred & Clare - Newcastle, NSW
... thank you for your prompt service ... and thank you for keeping John's music alive ... Click here to read more

Testimonial from Samantha, a singer and entertainer.
... the presentation of the CD Collection of Barry Hall's music far surpassed my expectations. It is truly a beautiful box-set of music ... Click here to read more