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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

Aged Care Music Resources

About Us

Aged Care Music Resources is a unique Australian enterprise solely dedicated to developing age-appropriate music and music-based resources aimed at improving quality of life for the elderly, particularly those living in full-time care.

Wanting to benefit individuals on a whole-person scale, Aged Care Music Resources draws on the expertise of diversional and music therapists as well as a range of other professionals to design, develop and produce high quality and hard-working music resources.

The aim is not only to provide easy listening and entertainment for the elderly, but also to support aged care professionals in their delivery of varied movement, mental-stimulation, memory and recreational sessions by creating a range of resources that are easy for therapists and facilitators to use, and wonderful entertainment for the people in their care.

More and more studies are proving the importance of music to the elderly, particularly for those living in care or suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The right kind of music can have a powerful effect; it can trigger the happiest of memories and positively affect people mentally, physically and socially.

At Aged Care Music Resources we are dedicated to producing the kind of music and music-based resources that bring joy to the elderly and genuinely support the concept of person-centred care.

We draw on the expertise of practicing diversional therapists and the talents of some of Australia’s most gifted old-style musicians to create music resources that are easy for therapists and lifestyle coordinators to use and wonderful entertainment for the people in their care.

Our music brings joy to the elderly by rekindling precious memories of their younger years. It’s music that gets them singing, swaying, dancing and talking…we know because we’ve been told about it for years.

There’s no doubt music is one of life’s greatest gifts and age-appropriate music is a key component of person-centred-care for the elderly. We invite you to take a look through our website, sample some of our music and learn more about our quality products.

With our resources in your facility you’ll be making a real difference to your residents’ lives…and we’re confident that’s something both they and their families will genuinely appreciate.

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