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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

Aged Care Music Resources

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Music and aged care

Many aged care facilities are now using qualified music therapists to enhance the quality of life for older people in care, and this is to

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Culture Change Exchange

Daniella Greenwood, Strategy and Innovation Manager from Arcare in Australia, delivers a compelling keynote about how central relationships are in long-term care. Video recorded and

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Choice of Music in Aged Care

Here, Collette Baya, the program developer for Musical Armchair Travels, herself a Lifestyle and Activities Coordinator, shares her experiences of the positive effects she has

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Music and Memory

Professor Henry Brodaty is Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, the Director of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre and Co-Director of the Centre for

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Meet Jade Gilchrist

As people from the Baby Boomer era began to enter our aged care facilities, the need for music to cater to the tastes of this

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The Green Book Series

A Comprehensive Music Resource for the Baby Boomer generation Music is found in all human cultures worldwide. For many years now we have been made

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