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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

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Letter from Helen, an aged care carer in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Letter from Helen, an aged care carer in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Dear Graeme,

Many thanks for absolutely beautiful music of John Sidney. We have a lot of music here but this music is so special the melody – fantastic – wish I had this 25 years ago.

Thanks again for being so prompt.


Helen …

(Rec Officer)

I received a phone call from a lady in Sydney not long after we began marketing John Sidney’s music to the Aged in Care in mid 2003. Her response was almost identical to Helen’s. She purchased a ‘Sing-A-Long With John Sidney’ CD at the very first trade stand we manned at an Aged Care related conference in Canberra back in September 2003. She told me she had a rather large and comprehensive music library at the facility where she worked and yet when she began playing the John Sidney CD she purchased she said her music library virtually became redundant as all the residents wanted to do was listen to John’s piano playing. That of course is no surprise us. She ended up purchasing the boxed set of John Sidney CDs for her residents. What a wonderful gift for them.

Unfortunately I haven’t anything from her to share in the testimonials section. It was early days for us then, a time where I hadn’t quite caught up with the idea of the value of customer feedback. I had a lot to learn about ‘marketing’. Prior to my ‘brush with the entertainment world’ (meeting John Sidney in 1998) my whole life was about airplanes and farming type activity. I had no idea I would end up in the business of selling age appropriate music to the more senior members of our society! My story about meeting John Sidney and how I became involved with his music can be read on John Sidney’s website .   

Needless to say, John’s piano music is gold to our current elderly generation, particularly in western world countries. The many testimonials we receive testify to that fact and make our efforts in sharing his music with as many as we can while we can all so worthwhile.

Graeme Pope

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