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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

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Letter from Pearl in Byron Bay, NSW

Letter from Pearl in Byron Bay, NSW

Dear Graeme and Sandra,

I wish I could write poetry – because your ‘angel’ given task of collection + sorting + producing a well presentable box of treasures in musical ‘drapes’ has given me hours of memories – tears and love already – now I want to share them with so many others.

What is the magic of ‘old’ music? How did the composer feel when writing – how did he first present it?? to the ‘courts”. Andre Rieu gave us a taste of it all and how the ‘grey hairs’ loved it!!

Now I want more – why don’t you organise a ‘funeral’ suitable CD – pre and post service or ‘wake’ music – (for me) – Lara’s theme in so many possible variations – at least three or four to begin – then some old negro spiritual ones – Shall we gather at the river – Old Rugged Cross – to the Halleujah Chorus. If your mum played she would have played them – you would remember them more than I.

The organ – piano is wonderful – relaxing – feeling and with a tonic of love and peace – so much so I weep as I write. My man knew the words of these old songs – he loved to sing with joy – alot of times the words were for those he loved – as a tough old sailor doesn’t go all soft and fuzzy!! they just get on with life until the angel came and said “come with me!” So thank you for your care and work – your work is just beginning – funerals with words that can be given as sheet music for folks to sing along – christenings – weddings – birthdays – ‘operating theatres’ – birthing units – nurseries – kindergartens –

Graeme – your story was very ‘angel’ guided re meeting John Sidney – my two grandchildren N…. and N…. are students at jet (Qantas somewhere in Melbourne – N….  …

…. What the heck am I writing all this for – !! Music opens doors – feeling music opens more –

Bless you both for the unpaid hours you have given – just for music in our era –

Thank you –


Pearl …

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