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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

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Testimonial from Samantha, a singer and entertainer.

Testimonial from Samantha, a singer and entertainer.

Hello Graeme,

Just want to tell you that the presentation of the CD Collection of Barry Hall’s music far surpassed my expectations. It is truly a beautiful box-set of music.

I want to especially acknowledge your personal story and how you were ‘guided’ to find this music. Also, to thank you for encouraging and producing studio time for Barry to perform then using your entreprenautial skills to present Barry’s music to the world.

No doubtit would have taken many hours of dedication and expertise from you both, plus the studio technicians – and still the ‘work’ goes onwith your present project. I wish you well with that, and look forward to ordering more products from you soon.

Thank you also for including the complimentary John Sidney tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed John Sidney’s happy music. What a treat, he had me dancing round my lounge room, instead of watching TV last night … Bless him.

Your collection of music now makes it possible for me to entertain the residents of the local nursing homes and to honour the great talent of your friend Barry Hall.

One of the local nursing homes has booked me already to present a ‘Sing-a-long with Sam’ morning show once a month where I will acknowledge Barry’s accompaniment to all. I am also in my ‘youthful/autumn years’ so I fit in well!! I feel that I have joined your ‘family of caring for the elderly’ through music.

I will honour your efforts and music by singing to the best of my ability to the residents. I will send you a sample of my singing (snail mail) in the next few days so that you rest assurded that my voice will hopefully compliment your music.

Please pass on my regards of admiration and gratitude of his talent, when next you speak with Barry.

Kindest regards to you and Sandra,

Samantha C…

(PS don’t mind if you publish the bits you want from this email)

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