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Music makes a world of difference to the elderly

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Thank you for the CDs – Rick (USA)

Thank you for the CDs – Rick (USA)

10 March 2023

Hello Graeme,

Thank you very much, I did receive the replacement item in the mail. Other than that one, I have listened to the Barry Hall CDs. All good, and my favorite song was “Those Magnificent Men…….”, I thought that was a great version.   And I have started through the John Sidney CDs now, and heard about 3 so far.   I listen to one each 2 – 3 days so I can savor it. It was nice to talk to you the other night, I enjoyed our phone visit.

It is really nice what you are doing for the folks in the senior homes, I am sure they love the music. And also, what you are doing to make the music available to those of us who just enjoy great tunes.

Thank you again and my best wishes.



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